Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Love Cousins

My children are incredibly lucky to have lots of cousins. These very special friends are an important part of their lives in many different ways.

Joe and I both have lots of cousins too. We were very close with many of them growing up and are happy to be able to stay in touch with them via facebook, blogs and family gatherings. At the end of February we got the chance to visit some of Joe's extended family in Denver while I had to work at a convention for several days. Joe (along with his parents) brought the kids on a plane and they stayed with me in the hotel at night and spent their days hanging out with the cousins. Joe's cousin Tracy has a son named Taven who is very close to Brad's age and they really hit it off. They spent the whole time being super heroes and searching the world for clues. We've been home for a week and a half and Brad is still talking about Taven. Thanks to Tracy and her family along with Joe's aunt and uncle, Margaret and Marvin for keeping them busy and showing them around Denver.

Actually Taven is the first new person in a long time that Brad has been willing to acknowledge as a cousin. For a long time my sister's oldest two kids, Chelise & Corbin, have been the only people he would call his cousins. He's older than all the other kids on Joe's side of the family and as those new babies have been born we've told him they were his cousins and he just says, "No, Chelise & Corbin are my cousins," I think now with Taven he's realized that having more than 2 cousins can be fun.

Lucy is really lucky to have 5 cousins that are within 15 months of her age. She'll never have a shortage of playmates. Today Tenille and her kids were visiting when Lucy had a massively poopy diaper and had to be put in the bath tub. We decided to plop Carly, who is 8 weeks younger than Lucy, in with her. Here are the cute pictures we took:

Carly has amazing blue eyes.

You can see Lucy's cute little teeth in this one.

We were commenting on how opposite they are - Carly is fair skinned, blue eyed with light hair and cute chubby rolls. Lucy has olive skin, dark hair and eyes and is just a tiny thing.

I snapped a couple more of Carly after the bath

Isn't this just perfect? Kisses anyone?

We feel very lucky that our kids have all these built-in friends and playmates and hope they continue to enjoy them and stay close to them as they grow up.


Amy Jo said...

I absolutely love my cousins too! They are some of my best friends. It is nice to hear of other people who love their cousins as much as I do.

bakers dozen said...

Super cute Natalie! Cousins are the best! You can't beat instant playmates. The sad part is when you grow up and lose contact.

Miranda said...

What sweet photos! Zeke was blessed with a cousin in January, and I can't wait till she's big enough to come and play.

blueroserider said...

Fascinating what sweet and fun moments can happen following "a massively poopy diaper"! There are times I miss having littles and times I do NOT!