Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog Makeover

It was time for a bit of a blog makeover.  I decided to go with something a little more light and happy.  I would like to think spring is on the way…but I know it’s too soon for that.

I made my blog layout using the new digital scrap kit Everyday Happenings by by Spinky Dink Scraps and Misty O'Brien Designs.  It’s available for 20% off this week.  Swing on over to Lindsay’s Blog for more details.

Thanks Lindsay!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Heart Hurts

I don’t usually watch the news.  I find it annoying, depressing, partisan and just plain lame.   However, I can’t seem to pry myself away from the coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. 


I simply cannot fathom how life is ever going to be ok for the people who live there.  They have so little to begin with and now they have lost everything. 

I was absolutely overwhelmed on Wednesday when I learned about Kristen Howerton and her daughter being stuck there.  I’ve never met her, do not know her, and yet I almost cried when I read her Twitter post yesterday that they were back in the U.S.  Her son Keanan will have to stay there until his adoption is final and it’s hard to say when that will be now that the country’s infrastructure has been completely destroyed.

There are dead bodies lying in the street.  They are being moved to mass graves where they will be buried, most likely without people knowing who they were. 

People who survived the quake are going to die because they can’t get food or water.  There is food and water being flown in from around the world and people can’t get to it because the roads are blocked.


How will they ever rebuild their homes?

This morning I went to the gym, exercised for an hour, took a hot shower and got ready for the day.  My little family went to a really fun birthday party for one of the most amazing little girls I know.  Tonight we’re headed up to the resort town of Park City where I know we’ll have something REALLY yummy for dinner. 

I feel guilty.

How can my life go on like normal while there is so much suffering?  What should I be doing?  We’re going to donate some money.  We have some to spare.  Is that really enough? 

At the same time I don’t feel like I should have stayed home from the gym so I could pour over and cry more than I already have and I certainly don’t feel like I should have told Brad he couldn’t go to the birthday party because people are dying in Haiti.

I thank my Heavenly Father every day that I’ve been so very, very blessed.  I know I have it good.  My family is amazing.  I have a nice home and a good job.  I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.  Is saying thank you enough?  I try to serve those around me and be generous with my time and what I’ve been given.  I guess I’m just having a hard time reconciling everything.

I am in awe of those who are more willing to step out of their comfort zone and take the extra step - like Leslie Moss who is a friend of a friend.  She’s putting together hygiene kits that will be sent down to Haiti to help.  Hop on over to her blog for more details and if you would like to help.  I know at this point every little bit counts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No more Qubo

First I should probably explain that qubo is a TV station.  It’s one of those random stations we picked up when we got the digital antenna.  It plays cartoons all the time.  Most of the cartoons are ok – not particularly educational, but not as annoying as some of the ones on Nickelodeon.  The biggest problem with qubo is that all the commercials are those 90 second long infomercials for all those products you can only buy on TV.  Things like Moon Sand, Snuggies and the Windshield Wonder.  Brad, being a typical 4-year-old tends to think that anything he hears on TV must be true and therefore those products must be amazing and worth every penny.  He asks to have every one for his birthday.

A few weeks ago Brad was trying to explain to me that we needed to get the “Touch and Brush” because it dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste every time.touch and brush  I explained to Brad that that was just silly and that we were perfectly capable of dispensing our own toothpaste.  A couple of days later I heard him screaming from the basement.  Thinking something was wrong I went running downstairs just to have him say “See mom!!  It’s the perfect amount every time.”

brownie pan At that point I resolved not to let Brad watch anything but PBS kids.  Unfortunately PBS kids isn’t on in the evening so that resolve only lasted a few weeks.  Just yesterday we were making brownies and Brad told me we simply could not make them without the pan that cuts them into squares.  He simply did not believe I could cut the brownies straight.  I’ll be honest, my brownies were not quite that square, but they still tasted good.

Anyway – last night was the kicker.  We were eating dinner and Brad announced that the next day would be a “Happy Mother’s Day” for me.  He said he was going to be my big helper and get me something nice.  I told him that would be great and would make me very happy.  Then Brad said to Joe “What do you think we should get her?”  Joe said “I don’t know Brad, what do you think?” and Brad proudly announced - “I think we should get her some Cash 4 Gold!” 

I wish I didn’t let my kids watch TV at all, but I think we would all go nuts.  At least I’ve recommitted to only letting him watch PBS kids…and maybe a dvd or two.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Decade

First of all I must thank Joy for saving my blog.  She suggested Windows Live Writer and I think I’m in love.  Secondly I have to give credit to Amanda for the idea to blog my decade.  I met Amanda once and she’s every bit as funny in person as she is on her blog.  I hope it wouldn’t freak her out that I read it.


I was on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in British Columbia when the decade started.  I was there that whole year.



I came home from my mission.  I found out my parents were getting divorced and that my mom was gay.  I learned to be ok with that.

Joe came home from his mission in August.  We were engaged in September.


And married in December.  Best decision I ever made – Bar None.



Salt Lake hosted the Winter Olympics.  Joe and I went back to Vancouver for the wonderful wedding of my friend Lindsay.  I apparently have no digital pictures from that whole year.  How did that happen?  Here’s one I didn’t take.



Joe and I went to Brazil.  Such an amazing, amazing trip.  I want to go back.



I graduated from college on my birthday.  How cool is that?

The rest of the year was pretty much horrible.  Joe was diagnosed with cancer in July and spent all of August & September in the hospital.  Luckily his doctor was either a genius or else he figured Joe was so sick it wouldn’t hurt to experiment on him.  Either way the treatment worked Joe beat the cancer.


Joe got better.


I became the Director of Housing for the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau.  I was in over my head, but worked with a lot of great people who helped me figure things out.  I still work there.


Just before Valentine’s day I found out I was pregnant with Brad.  We were SHOCKED.  One of the side effects of chemotherapy is generally sterility.  We’re very blessed.

pregnancy test

We decided if we were going to have a baby we better have a house.


Brad was born October 12 at 10:12.  He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long. 

DSCF0068 I spent the rest of the year learning how to be a mom.


I fell madly in love with this guy:


And really…who wouldn’t?

We dragged him all over the place on my work trips.  Joe would put him in the back pack and go wherever he wanted.  We went to Orlando, Boston, Tampa that year.



Went to Toronto (took Brad there too).

I played with Brad a LOT.


I found out I like riding a bike.


I got pregnant again.  Didn’t throw up as much as the first time.

Joe and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.




I anxiously awaited Lucy at the same time my sister, Tenille, was awaiting Carly.

cousins in utero

(In my defense this was like 2 days before Lucy was born and Tenille still had a couple of month left.  But ok, I was huge).

I gave birth to Lucy minutes after being wheeled into the hospital screaming at the top of my lungs.  She was 7 lbs 11 oz and 22 inches and just lovely.


My brother Nick’s wife, Lacy, also had a baby that month (Jack), so once Carly was born we had a matching set.


I learned to be the mother of two.


I got a new camera and learned to use Photoshop.



Joe and I went to Mexico.


We also bought another house and completely remodeled it.  Or at least paid other people to.  I really should take some pictures of the house.

I lost 25 lbs and ironically ended the decade weighing the same amount as when I started the decade.

I started singing again.  It had been a long time.


It’s been a good decade.  I love my life and couldn’t ask for more.  Bring on the next one.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I don't wanna blog

I just don't. I have no desire. My kids are still cute and funny, I just don't have the urge to write about it on my blog...

I think one of the reasons is that it's so dang difficult to post pictures on blogger. It's a pain to do them a few at a time and they're never in the order I want and it loads them all at the top of the page so I have to think through the pictures before the text.

Any ideas?