Monday, February 16, 2009

Trip to Mars Brad-isms Feb 16, 09

This afternoon Joe & I were both off of work so we decided to take the kids to the Clark Planetarium. They have a lot of fun exhibits on space and science and Brad had a really good time. He especially enjoyed the spots where you could explore what it was like on the moon and on mars. Please excuse the terrible quality of the pictures as they are from my phone. I grabbed the little camera on the way out the door and of course the batteries were dead.

Brad also liked the telescopes. One was set up so that it was pointed at a little tiny picture of the planet Jupiter on the wall. When you looked in the telescope it was very large and pretty. As we were waiting for Brad's turn at the telescope I was standing at the other end and the boy in front of him looked in and said "Oh, it's Jupiter." Brad quickly informed him, "That's not Jupiter, that's just my mom!"

On the way home we got back in the car and I realized that I had tucked the parking ticket somewhere I would be able to find it and had promptly forgotten where. Brad asked what was wrong and I said I couldn't find the parking ticket. In the most dramatic voice possible Brad cried "Oh no! We're Doomed!" Luckily I found the ticket in my cup holder and we were saved.

Valentine's Grandma Dinner

Joe's Grandma does a great job of getting her family together every couple of months. She sends invitations in the mail to a "Grandma Dinner" with a fun theme or cute idea. This month she invited us all to a Valentine's Day Grandma Dinner. There was good food, games and even some dancing!

For the first time Joe's parents had all 5 of their grand-children together. From the top left they are Hailey (with Jo-Elle), Camden (with Katie), Lincoln (with Julie) and in front Brad & Lucy with me. This was the best of the shots with pretty much everyone looking at the camera except me!

It was also the first time I got to meet Camden since we had had kids with colds and sicknesses in January. He's just tiny and cute.

Lincoln is starting to get so big! He's got the cutest little smiles.

We played pictionary and Josh pretty much dominated the game. His drawing skills left a little to be desired as you can see here, but I think he guessed about 75% of the words others drew.

Here's the lovely Hailey Joy.

JJ and Lucy. She sat on his lap for like 15 minutes!

The highlight of the night by far was a rousing game of "Duck, Duck Goose". Brad ALWAYS wants to play this game, but it's a little hard when it's just Brad, Lucy and me. Lucy can't exactly run around the circle and I get tired of always being "it". Brad was in heaven having a whole group of people to play with and it seemed like they all had a good time too.

Thank you Grandma-Great for bringing us all together for a very good time. I can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mob Wars

I'm afraid I'm starting to fail at blogging. I actually expected to be bad at it when I started. I did a lot better than I thought I would in the beginning, but now it's catching up to me. I just feel like nothing exciting enough to write about is happening in my's an example -

My co-workers introduced me to Mob Wars (you know who you are and you will pay for it). It's this completely useless game on facebook where you are a mob boss and earn money by doing all sorts of illegal activities and attacking other mobs. Well, actually all you do is click buttons and wait around. It is COMPLETELY pointless and yet I'm addicted. And for some stupid reason I feel some sort of real life success has been achieved every time I steal $70,000 from someone and send them to the hospital. I currently have a gross income of $298,400 an hour. I own 21 villlas, 24 restaurants, 12 apartment buildings, 15 hotels, a highrise apartment and a shipping yard. I also own dozens of high powered weapons and fully equipped combat vehicles. I spend the majority of my Mob time robbing banks or smuggling drugs by sea. The first thing I do after I get dressed in the morning is go online and dump my money in the bank so no one steals it.

It's bad. It's got to stop. But it's so much more interesting that my real life....

Maybe when the weather gets better I will have more to blog about...bleh.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've been doing some more digi-scrapping this week and wanted to share some of my layouts. These first 2 are both using the kit Brighten My Day from Spinky Dink Scraps:

This is one of Brad's first photos. He was so tiny and little! The page was made using In Perfect Harmony by Tracie Stroud at Elemental Scraps.

And this is one of the sweet little nephews I was blessed with a couple of months ago, Lincoln Scott. He's Matt and Julie's first baby and he is just a doll. Of course he has Matt's genes, so they better enjoy him now before he gets mobile! The page was made using "Monsters" by Leslie Bodoh at Elemental Scraps.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brad-ism of the day 2/3

I had to go to the post office today to pick up the key to the mail box at our rental. Of course when I got there, there were like 15 people in line and only 2 windows open. Both kids were SO good, which is not normal in a situation like that. We waited in line moving up a few feet every couple of minutes. Finally when we were almost to the front of the line I moved up and everyone else in line moved up too. Brad looked up and said (VERY loudly):

"Mom, why is that lady following us?"

Everyone in line got a good laugh out of it. Hooray for comic relief in the post office line.