Saturday, March 21, 2009

Antelope Island

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go out to Antelope Island which is an island out in the Great Salt Lake. There's a causeway to drive out there and it's a beautiful drive. I took lots of pictures so here they are to share!

We try not to have Brad nap on Sunday's since his usual nap time is during church and if he naps after church he won't go to bed. You can see here how well that worked out.

Aren't they cute?

When we got out at the first rest area on the island we walked a little ways off and suddenly a flock of seagulls swooped in to get some potato chips someone else had dropped off. They totally cut off our way back and for those of you who understand how much I love birds you'll understand how happy I was to have to walk through this to get back to the car. Ugh.

My buff guys. Next time you see Brad ask him about getting your tickets to the Gun Show.

I took this picture because I was struck by just how close to the mountains Salt Lake is. It really doesn't get any closer than that.

There are several bison on the island and even though the ranch was closed (a fact we didn't discover until we had made the 7 mile drive down the island to find it) we did see some bison roaming around.

Brad is prepared in case they decide to stampede.

She's just happy to be along for the ride.

Brad's favorite part was when we walked down a piece of land jutting out into the lake to throw rocks.

I can't remember whether throwing the big rock was Joe's idea or Brad's.

Either way it made a really big splash.

Lucy loves to wave at everyone now.

And here's my favorite shot of the mountains. I love how they look reflected in the lake. I don't think I could ever live somewhere without mountains.

It was a great little afternoon trip and we all had a good time. I highly recommend a visit.


Texas Gal said...

Lucy's little wave made my day! These shots are great --- bison?!? Really? How cool is that?? Glad you guys had fun! :)

susette said...
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Nick Taylor said...

Fantastic return to the blog after a two week absence! I've been missing the Bradisms and a Lucy stories... great post on the island. You need to bring those two into the office... I want the wave and to find out about these gun show tickets.

Barrett said...

I love his sleepy picture, and the kiddos together, and the mountains, and the.... anyways! Looks fun!

Shannon said...

What a fun adventure! I have lived in Utah my whole life and have never made it out there- looks like fun!

Stephen and Kathy said...

Brad and Lucy made our day

Kaycee said...

I love your pictures!How fun!

Nikki Taylor said...

Okay, you really do have two of the CUTEST kids ever! (And I am not just saying that because you are my husband's boss....and no he did not pay me to say that:) ;) Lucy is SO adorable and Brad is such a handsome young man. Nick said we will be lucky if our kids are half as cute as they are! That means a lot coming from someone who is mostly terrified of kids!

Tiffany said...

Jackson kept waving back to Lucy, it was pretty funny. Beautiful pics!

bakers dozen said...

It looks like a great day! Look at how great your pictures turned out. What great memories!