Monday, February 16, 2009

Trip to Mars Brad-isms Feb 16, 09

This afternoon Joe & I were both off of work so we decided to take the kids to the Clark Planetarium. They have a lot of fun exhibits on space and science and Brad had a really good time. He especially enjoyed the spots where you could explore what it was like on the moon and on mars. Please excuse the terrible quality of the pictures as they are from my phone. I grabbed the little camera on the way out the door and of course the batteries were dead.

Brad also liked the telescopes. One was set up so that it was pointed at a little tiny picture of the planet Jupiter on the wall. When you looked in the telescope it was very large and pretty. As we were waiting for Brad's turn at the telescope I was standing at the other end and the boy in front of him looked in and said "Oh, it's Jupiter." Brad quickly informed him, "That's not Jupiter, that's just my mom!"

On the way home we got back in the car and I realized that I had tucked the parking ticket somewhere I would be able to find it and had promptly forgotten where. Brad asked what was wrong and I said I couldn't find the parking ticket. In the most dramatic voice possible Brad cried "Oh no! We're Doomed!" Luckily I found the ticket in my cup holder and we were saved.


Kaycee said...

hahaha! he is funn!

Stephen and Kathy said...

sounds like Brad!!!! We love them