Friday, October 3, 2008

Brad-ism of the day 10/3

When Brad is mad at me he cries "I want my daddy!" When he's mad at Joe he cries "I want my mommy!" When he's mad at both of us he cries "I want my uncle Matt!"

I often think that Brad likes Matt so much because they are so alike. They are both loud, rowdy and approach life with reckless abandon. Brad always looks forward to Matt's visits because he knows he will get to slide down the banister until Matt just can't lift him any more.

Anyway, today when he was crying for uncle Matt I tried to distract him by asking him who was cuter, me or Matt. He promptly said, "Matt's not cute! He's just awesome."

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Jatibbs said...

Ha Ha, I love that little stinker! You know he's really supposed to be mine and Matt's child, he was just too excited to wait! JK, I love hearing your stories about Brad. You are lucky to have such a character running around your house. I look forward to hearing what else he will come up with!