Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brad-ism of the day 10/1

On the way home from JoElle's today Brad said to me "I forgot to give JoElle back her Santa Clause!" I asked him what Santa Clause he was talking about and he just kept getting frustrated with me and holding up a piece of string. Finally after about 3 minutes I realized that he was saying "Santa Clause" but what he meant was "Dental Floss." I never realised those 2 things sounded so similar. Makes me wonder why he didn't ask why the stringy stuff was called Santa Clause in the first place.


Josh & JoElle said...

That is too funny. He really is a smart boy.

Addison and Kristie said...

Okay Miss Natalie, now that I have found your blog we are hooked up for life! I happen to blog as well, in what little spare time I have. I only started the facebook thing to find you! It is working well so far, but the blogs are where I really keep in touch. Yay! I'm so happy you have one!

Addison and Kristie said...

Beautiful family by the way! Your kids are DARLING!