Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scrap Pages

I've mentioned before that I'm on the Creative Team for Lindsay at Spinky Dink Scraps. Well she's expanding her designs in a big way and I've been busy doing some new pages with her kits the last couple weeks. Here's some of my work!

These 2 are using Future Star and are both from May of 2006 when Joe graduated from the University of Utah:

These next two are both made using All Good Things.

This is Brad & Jayden at the family reunion in August

This is one of my favorite pictures of Brad

And these last two are made using Corduroy & Lace Reloaded.

This was the first time Lucy, Jack & Carly met.

This is actually a re-make of one of my first ever digital scrap pages. I think it came out better this time. In my defense, this was taken just a few days before Lucy was born and Tenille still had a couple of months to go.

I really enjoy digi-scraping and it's a great activity for those few minutes of quiet after the kids go to bed since I don't watch TV any more. Oh yeah, did I mention that I don't watch TV any more? Well, I watch some PBS kids shows with Brad and Lucy, but those don't really count. It's not really by choice. You see, a few months ago Joe presented this idea to me where we would get rid of Dish Network and our DVR and replace it with a Home Theater PC which Joe would build. We would be able to get regular TV channels and watch any show that was online (which is a lot these days) and he would work it out so that we could use a computer program like a DVR. Well...let's just say it hasn't gone as planned. We do get regular TV channels, but the DVR thing has never worked and I just refuse to watch TV without being able to skip commercials and fast forward through the stupid parts. I have watched 3 or 4 shows online, but frankly it's kind of a pain. All this boils down to me just not watching TV any more. And you know what...mostly I don't miss it. Obviously something is going to have to change when American Idol starts again, but until then I'm sure I can find plenty of other things to occupy my time.

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Kaycee said...

I like your scrapping! cute pictures!!!

That might be nice not having a TV. I could get more done and be more creative with activities. But Robby would never go for it.