Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Brad!

Today Brad turns 4 years old. It's hard to believe it's really been that long. I can't imagine my life without him. He is incredibly funny, super sweet and insanely aggravating all at the same time. For his birthday I decided to ask him some interview questions and here's what he said:

Favorite color: Orange & Yellow
Favorite food: Corn Dogs
Best Friend: Anela
Favorite book: If I ran the Zoo
Favorite movie: Ratatouille (even though he hasn't watched it in months)
Favorite thing to do: Eat Pizza
Favorite animal: Dinosaur
Favorite word: Birthday
Favorite joke: "Knock, Knock" - "Who's there?" - "Justin" - "Justin who? - "Justin time for lunch!"

And here are some birthday pictures - enjoy!


Adi said...

he's so stinking cute! I love that second to last one

Kaycee said...

what a cute little man! He is getting so big!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Brad!! What a cute kid!!

Lindsay said...

Handsome man!

Stephen and Kathy said...


Amy Jo said...

What a stud! I love him!

Jen said...

He is a doll. Joseph can't wait to see him on Saturday!