Thursday, October 1, 2009


I almost got out of bed at 10:00 last night to come down and write a post when I realized that it was the last day of September and that I will have missed a whole month. Then I decided I cared more about sleep than my blog. Ha ha!

Well, September has been one of changes for us. The biggest change has been Joe's new job. After a very long hiring process (5 weeks between second and final interviews!) Joe was offered a job at Amerinet. This is a big step forward for him and takes him back to the health care industry which is something he knows. The last 2 years at Marquette have been stressful and not as fruitful as we would have hoped, but I'm very proud of him for sticking it out and using it to find something better. He'll be working closely with his former associates at Intermountain Health Care and he's very excited about that. I think it's going to be a really good thing.

Another change is that we're in the process of trying to buy a new house (I was going to post a link but just realized that's not smart blogging). Actually we've been "in the process" since April. It's a short sale, which is the biggest misnomer in the history of real estate. A couple of weeks ago we actually got a signed purchase contract back, which is much further than we've ever been before. The house is around the corner from where we live now, which is a plus for us because we love our neighborhood. It's a bit bigger than our current house and has a much better layout for us. The kids would both have their own bedrooms near ours and we would have a family room which means I could get the toys and books out of our living room. I'm still not holding my breath, because this whole process has been pretty much a joke, but I'll keep you posted.

Both kids are doing well. Brad never stops talking. Ever. I'm blaming that on his Tibbs genes. I'll take the blame for his overactive imagination, but they have to claim the non-stop talking. When he's being especially vocal Joe always says, "Hey Brandon!" If you know Brandon you'll know it's true.

Lucy is 16 months old - crazy! At her 15 month appointment she was 23 lbs and 31 inches. She has 13 teeth with 3 more on the way. I swear she's been teething non-stop since April. I wish they would just come in so it could be done. Lucy talks much more than Brad did at this age. She calls us all by name and has some cute funny phrases like, "I want a snack." She's quite the little dancer much to her daddy's chagrin.

We've had a great summer with lots of hiking and biking. It just starting to get cold and I think that's coming to an end. I'm very sad about that, but I do enjoy the nip in the fall air. I'll try to get some pictures posted soon!


Adi said...

I can't believe she's saying that much at 16 months! Marcus doesn't do that at 25!

Natalie said...

Yeah Adi - I think it's a girl thing. We actually had to get Brad's hearing checked at 15 months because he wasn't talking at all, lol. Turns out he was fine, so it just makes me laugh to hear her little phrases.

Mrs. Langeland said...

What a busy life! Congratulation Joe, how exciting!

I knew you were looking at homes, I didn't realize that you were currently in the process.

Are you selling your home?

Our house is going on the market soon, if yours doesn't work out, you'll have to drop buy and check out ours. I'm sure it is perfect for you!

Kaycee said...

sounds like lots of changes!

Jaden doesn't say much at all! Abbey was a jabber. It must be a girl thing.

Stephen and Kathy said...

I love your blog and updates it has been busy for you but change is good.I love my grandchildren

Natalie said...

Thanks everyone! Joy - we're going to rent out our current home. We can actually make a pretty good profit on it which will make up for the difference in payment on the new house. I didn't know you were looking to move - hope you don't go too far!