Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mob Wars

I'm afraid I'm starting to fail at blogging. I actually expected to be bad at it when I started. I did a lot better than I thought I would in the beginning, but now it's catching up to me. I just feel like nothing exciting enough to write about is happening in my's an example -

My co-workers introduced me to Mob Wars (you know who you are and you will pay for it). It's this completely useless game on facebook where you are a mob boss and earn money by doing all sorts of illegal activities and attacking other mobs. Well, actually all you do is click buttons and wait around. It is COMPLETELY pointless and yet I'm addicted. And for some stupid reason I feel some sort of real life success has been achieved every time I steal $70,000 from someone and send them to the hospital. I currently have a gross income of $298,400 an hour. I own 21 villlas, 24 restaurants, 12 apartment buildings, 15 hotels, a highrise apartment and a shipping yard. I also own dozens of high powered weapons and fully equipped combat vehicles. I spend the majority of my Mob time robbing banks or smuggling drugs by sea. The first thing I do after I get dressed in the morning is go online and dump my money in the bank so no one steals it.

It's bad. It's got to stop. But it's so much more interesting that my real life....

Maybe when the weather gets better I will have more to blog about...bleh.


Nick Taylor said...

I would like to take sole credit for Natalie's initial introduction to the Mob Wars, we were all concerned that she as our boss would have a problem if she walked by our desks and see all od us off task and participating in this pointless game, so I was the only one brave enough to fix the problem by getting her involved.

(The truth is she understands the concept of breaks and that if we spend the entire day on Mob Wars that she doesn't hand-out pity or reward if we're at work until 10 p.m..

Natalie- On behalf of the entire staff I would like to extend my sincere appreciation in joining the fun and adding yourself to our collective mob's giving us the ability to smuggle drugs and successful attack other mobs. Hats off to you and thanks for the help on "enabling" katie (the other boss) and getting Joe involved.

Katie Dolar said...

Oh, I see how it is, you got Nat on your side to strong arm me into joining this pointless game.

Truth be told, I too am addicted, not so much while I'm at work but I don't think I've been to bed before 1am since this whole thing started.

Lets pray for good weather, soon, to get us all away from the computer.

PS - Natalie, I love your blog


Nick Taylor said...

First step is admitting you have a problem, I feel we have made some real progress tonight. I've decided to start a Mob Wars Anonymous meeting in the break-room, I will send appointments out to the entire staff... maybe we can squeeze it in before between operations meeting and the Mob Wars strategy session.

Natalie said...

Kudos to Katie for coming out of the Mob Wars closet!

Kristie and Family said...

That is hillarious! I am not very good at keeping up on facebook, but I think it's a good thing because the last thing I need is another addiction. Hope you make millions!