Monday, December 22, 2008

THAT 8-year-old girl

A couple of weeks ago our bishop announced that there were some families in our ward who could use some help with their Christmas needs. He said we could donate money through the ward and that they would make sure those needs were met. Joe and I felt strongly that we should help but we wanted to do something a little bit more personal to try to help Brad understand better about how Christmas is for Giving not Getting. Joe asked the bishop and was told that there was an 8-year-old girl in the ward whose family was short on cash for presents and that we could pick out a few things for her.

A few nights later we were talking to Brad and told him we were going to go shopping to get some Christmas presents for an 8-year-old girl. I didn't really think he would understand, but I did not expect his reaction at all. He totally went off the deep end! He was telling us that presents were only for him and his friends. He said we could buy presents for Kennedy, Anela, Kara, Abby & Alyssa, but not for THAT 8-year-old girl. We continued to explain that the girl's family didn't have enough money this Christmas and that we did, so we were going to share. Brad replied with, "We can't give THAT 8-year-old girl my dad's money! My dad likes his money!!" It was all a bit comical and a bit concerning at the same time. I told Brad that Christmas is to celebrate Jesus's birthday and that we give each other presents for His birthday and that Jesus would want us to share with this girl. Brad simply stated, "I will share with MY friends."

I am happy to report that the story has a happy ending. When we got to the store and started looking around for things an 8-year-old girl would like Brad had a change of heart. He helped us pick out the presents and even helped Joe wrap them. The hostility went away and Brad decided it was ok to share with a girl he didn't know. He even picked out a present for Lucy - something she would like instead of something he wanted. I think he's getting the Spirit of Christmas after all.


brighton said...

What a great story. :) I'm glad to hear Brad is getting into the spirit of Christmas giving! It's been fun to watch Taylor start to grasp things in that regard as well! :) It was so nice to spend some time with you guys yesterday-- hope the drive home wasn't too sticky!

Kaycee said...

oh my! that is funny! thats great, you are teaching brad at a young age.