Monday, December 1, 2008

Brad-isms 12/1

I haven't done any Brad-isms for you for a while, so here are a few:

We were putting up our Christmas tree and of course Brad wanted to help. Joe was stringing beads around the tree and Brad was "helping" and Joe told him to do it differently. Brad replied "Dad, you make me so frustrated!" He's been doing a lot of eye rolling lately too. Somehow I thought he would be older when he started doing that.

When we're in the car Brad often asks me if I want to tell him a story. What he actually means is that he's going to pick a story and ask me a lot of questions about it. Usually the questions are hard to answer and usually they go on and on. On this particular day he picked Beauty and the Beast. It went something like this:
Brad - Mom, why does the Beast turn into a prince?
Me - He was a prince before the witch cast a spell on him, so when he learns to love Beauty he turns back into a prince.
Brad - Mom, why is Beauty afraid of Beast?
Me - At first he's mean to her.
Brad - Why?
Me - (getting tired of this already) He's unhappy so he's mean to her.
Brad - And why is there a talking Teacup?
I'm glad to know he thinks Disney is a bit off too.

Speaking of Disney - we were in church the other day singing "Oh Thou Rock of Our Salvation" and Brad said "Hey! I know this song! It's on Sleeping Beauty." Not sure where that one came from.

And lastly, the other day Brad wanted to eat in the living room and I said no. He said "But I'm always careful." and I said, "Brad you're never careful, you always spill!" to which he replied, "But I'm always careful this time." Hard to argue with logic like that.


Kaycee said...

I love hearing your Bradisms! He is so dang cute!

Tiffany said...

So funny! I'm so glad that Jackson doesn't talk yet! Most of the time.

Kristina P. said...

He sounds so cute! Only 5 days until the cookie fest!