Saturday, December 6, 2008

Camcorder Drama

Back in March Joe & I bought a pretty nice Panasonic Camcorder. I wanted to be able to take some video in addition to still pictures of the kids as they grow up because it happens so fast! Anyway, Joe has this really GOOD habit of purging through our junk. I'm really glad he does it and it makes me very happy every time he takes a load of stuff to DI, however I think at some point around May or June the charger for the Camcorder got thrown away. I didn't really think about it until the battery started to run low and I couldn't find it. I decided the cheapest thing to do would be to buy a replacement charger on Amazon and the one I found was a travel charger you put the battery in and plug into the wall. It was something like $20.00 so I got it and all was well. A few weeks after that I decided it was finally time to download the movies we had from the camcorder to the computer. I found the USB cable and plugged it in and it said "Connect AC Adaptor". I was very upset to find out that you cannot download the movies without the unit plugged in to the wall. LAME. Anyway, I went online and found the AC power cord for our model of Panasonic camcorder and ordered it. I think it was $13.00. When it came I promptly opened the package only to find out that this cord was the AC cord you plug into the charger (yeah the one we lost) and then plug into the camcorder. I then had to go online and order the actual charger which was $30.00 and on back order. It finally came yesterday and all is once again well.

Lesson learned? Don't throw away cords unless you know what they are for.

Anyway, now that I've made a short story long, here is a 3 minute video of Lucy eating and making noise. I don't expect anyone except her grandparents to watch it, but based on the $63.00 I spent just to be able to upload the thing I had to show something.


Kristina P. said...

OK, I did watch some of it, and she is just so cute!

It was so great to see you yesterday!

Shannon said...

I watched the whole thing- and I will say it again...she has to be one of the prettiest babies that I have ever seen! I loved how she lit up like a firefly when her daddy walked in the room- so cute!

Kaycee said...

Oh cute! She got excited when her dad came in.

Amander said...

I am glad we can be blog friends now - bonding over cookies and bacon does that for people!

Sorry about the camcorder drama - I am guilty of throwing away a few necessary items myself!

Oh, and your baby is adorable!

glarson52 said...

Well as one of Lucy's grandparents who watched it, I think the video was worth every cent of $63.00.
Thanks, Nat.


blueroserider said...

I have to say as one of the other grandparents that it was priceless! My favorite is watching those hands just moving and moving. I think you may have had similar movements... it looked SO familiar and I loved every second. You just love being a mom!