Sunday, May 10, 2009

Uninspired Blogger

I'm not unhappy...just uninspired. I don't feel like writing. I knew this would happen. I actually thought it would happen a whole lot earlier. I thought I would fail at blogging right from the beginning, but I've made it several months.

Just so you don't worry, things are good for the Tibbs clan. I had an amazing birthday which consisted of breakfast in bed, a facial, a pedicure, getting my hair cut and colored and a wonderful dinner with Joe at The Melting Pot. It was the best birthdays I've had in a long time (maybe ever). Today has been a very nice mother's day although we just had a massive battle getting Brad into bed. Some nights are better than others.

Lucy will be 1 in a couple of weeks. I can't believe it. She's almost walking. She could if she really wanted to, but most of the time if you try to get her to stand she just sits down. She has like 7 teeth now and gives the cutest toothy grins.

I got accepted to another Creative Team for digital scrapbooking. I'm now part of the team for Un-Leash-ed-Scraps. Leasha is one of my favorite designers and I'm so glad to be able to work with her kits.

Here's a page I did with her kit Uplifted:

And with her newest kit Monkeying Around which will be released this week:

Oh, and I got to do my first blog project for someone else. Pop over to A Little Red Ladybug and visit my friend Adrienne to see the header I did for her. She's a great writer so you'll want to do some reading while you're there.

Anyway, I'll try to be back soon with new pictures of the kids and more about what they're up to. Until then, take care!


Kristina P. said...

YOu know, I've been in a writing funk too. Lots of ideas, but when it comes to actually writing them, I just feel blah. A lot of bloggers are feeling the same way now.

But it sounds like things have been going well and that your Mother's Day has been awesome!

Kaycee said...

Good to hear from you. I am glad you guys are doing well!

Barrett said...

I have lots to post about but I just don't really feel like it! I saw the monkeying around kit! So cute! I'd love to use it for when the girls were little monkeys for Halloween. I used to have a cute monkey kit but lost it when I lost everything! Ugh!