Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy Mae

At 2:30 this morning Lucy turned 1 year old. It has flown by, but that's to be expected. I can honestly say that Lucy has been a joy. She was such a mellow baby and very rarely cried. I remember asking her doctor at one of her first few appointments if something was wrong with her because she just never cried. By the time she was 6 months old she found her voice, but she's more likely to use it to sing and laugh than to cry. I will say I have seen her dramatic streak. If she falls or gets bumped she will look around to make sure someone is watching before she bothers to cry. She's learning and growing every day and I can only hope the next year will be as fun and challenging as this one has been.

I did a little photo shoot with her last week to get some pictures for her party invitations. She hated being in the grass and tried to keep every body part possible off the ground.

It helped when daddy lifted her up in the air and made her laugh.

I got to snap the best blackmail picture. It doesn't get more lady like than this:

I had to take about 50 shots, but it's totally worth it when you get the perfect one.
Happy Birthday baby girl!!


Kaycee said...

what an adorable little girl!
I love those pictures!
I like the one of her picking her nose!

Texas Gal said...

Soo beautiful. Your camera takes great pics! I agree - that last shot is PERFECT! Hope sweet Lucy had a great birthday. :D

Lindsay said...

Oh Natalie, she is such a beauty, even the nose picking picture. That made me GIGGLE!! Can't believe she is already a year.

Amy Jo said...

Oh I am in love with that last picture!! Beautiful!

brighton said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Lucy! You are simply adorable!

Shannon said...

What a great eye you have! she is so beautiful!

Barrett said...

Cute! You should switch the order and put the one of her finger in her nose (must be taking lessons from Alyssa-sorry!) before the one with her finger in her mouth! That would be funny! (I know, I'm a dork!)