Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brad-isms 4/4/09

I haven't posted any Brad-isms for a while and just thought I would share a few stories from around here lately.

There will be ducks
I have no idea if anyone else will think this is funny, but it was funny at the time. Brad was headed to a sleep-over with my mom and his cousins Chelise and Corbin. Grammy had promised them that one of the activities that evening would be feeding the ducks. Brad was very excited about that because it's not something his mother would EVER take him to do. :) Anyway, my brother, Alex, was there with a friend and Brad asked if they were coming and Alex said no. Brad looked at them like he had the best secret in the world and slyly said, "There will be ducks!"

Joe's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, day
Two weeks ago we had a very sick family. Lucy was the worst. She had a stomach virus, a cold an ear infection and was cutting four teeth at the same time. It was bad. One day I had been home with the kids all day and was very glad for Joe to get home from work. Not 5 minutes after he sat down and took Lucy from me she threw up all over him. He went and changed and 5 minutes after that Brad yelled from upstairs "Dad! I Pooped!" so he got to take care of that. We decided to put them in the bath which led to an inevitable discussion with Brad about the difference between the anatomy of boys and girls. He asked Joe if girls have a penis and when Joe said no he asked, "then what do they have?" I'm pretty sure if Joe had known that's what he was coming home to he would have stayed at work.

Hey Julie!
This story relates directly to the one above although they happened about a week and a half apart. On Sunday Matt and Julie were at our house for dinner and I was in the kitchen with Julie and Brad was sitting at the table. Out of NO WHERE Brad says, "Hey Julie! Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." Seriously?!?! Out of NO WHERE! I suddenly realized he's going to be that kid. The kid who knows way too much for his own good and wants to share it with everyone. I'm just glad that this time it was just his aunt who is very familiar with human anatomy and that he didn't decide to share that gem in Sunday School.

Puppy Names
Josh and Jo-Elle have a dog named Molly who is about to have puppies. Brad is at their house every day and is quite excited about the puppies. Last night in the car Brad told us he was going to help name the puppies. I asked him what he thought were some good puppy names and he said, "Arthur (from the tv show), Lisa (no idea on that one) and Foster (the name of a friend's dog)." I told him those were all very good names and I was impressed that he came up with them. He then broke the streak by saying if there were four puppies the last one should be named "Dog Biscuit House" and that if there was another one it would be "Dog Biscuit House 2". I hope for Josh and Jo-Elle that there are only 3 puppies!

Brad has also been really into singing this last week. He can sing the alphabet all by himself along with other classics like Twinkle, Twinkle, The itsy bitsy spider and Little Bunny Foo-Foo. Be sure to ask for a concert the next time you see him.


Shannon said...

He is such an awesome kid. My favorite one was the one about the ducks. If only we could all be so excited about the simplest things like that.

Stephen and Kathy said...

He is such a smart and funny guy I love spending time with him and lucy.

Amy Jo said...

Thank you for that post, it brought Joe and I to tears of laughter...I will never look at the "what do girls have?" question ever the same again, especially after he announced it, and if the unthinkable happened and we ever had a dog, I think we will name it dog biscuit house in memory of brad

Texas Gal said...

He seems like one fun kiddo! :) These made me smile.

Barrett said...

I am not going to hold my breath! I think he'll still bring that up in sharing time! If you want, I'll take him to get you guys a pet bird... he he he! That may possibly be a better name than "Mountain" as a choice of names (suggested by Karah!) Or maybe not! :)

blueroserider said...

Hmmmm... Brad is "that kid" that knows way too much and will share with anyone?? Who does this bring to mind? Maybe a little girl who decided the next door neighbor needed to know that her tonsils were going to be cut out with a KNIFE! And you said, "well, they do!" Yep. Share away, Brad.