Monday, April 6, 2009

Blast Off!

For about a week now Brad has been telling Joe that they need to build a rocket. Joe has a tendency to sometimes just agree with or placate Brad just to get him to be quiet (as most parents do) which is fine except that Brad remembers EVERYTHING. If you tell him you're going to build a rocket, you better build a rocket. Brad wanted to build a rocket that would actually fly him to the moon, but Joe was able to get by with a little contraption given to him by his parents. It's made of PVC pipe and hooked to an air compressor. You put a soda or water bottle on the tube pointing up and when the air pressure builds you press the launch button and the thing flies 40 feet into the air. Brad absolutely loved it. It kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes, which is a lot.

Here they are getting it ready

Brad was very excited that he got to launch it.

He would count, but the number on which he launched was totally arbitrary and changed every time.
Getting it read to go again.
Here you can see how high it goes - it's that white blob over the house.
Waiting for the pressure to build
"Look, I have the power!"
Again, and again.
It was a really fun activity for Brad and the rest of us had fun just watching him. I think their next project is going to be to decorate the bottle so it really looks like a rocket and then launch it. If anyone else wants to come over and try it just let us know! It's probably good Brad doesn't know how to hook up the air compressor himself.


Barrett said...

Fun! I think Shawn does the same thing with Karah! Today she asked me to write directions to our house for her friends at school. When I asked what for she said it was for her "treehouse party!" What? Daddy told me he'd build a tree house for my birthday and I could have a party. Really?!! Where are WE going to build a tree house on our 15ft cement patio with NO TREES!?! I get to answer all the questions of course because he's not here right now! Kids are so funny and you are right-they remember everything (at least Brad and Karah do!)

blueroserider said...

Give that kid a day or two and he WILL have the air compressor hooked up. Don't think he won't!

Kaycee said...

wow! that is awesome!!!! what a good dad!

Nick Taylor said...

Tell Brad to bring it to work one afternoon... Arrowpress square? I bet he will have me, Cliff, Toby, Joe, and Rob entertain for hours!!!

No seriously now... I want to try this!

Stephen and Kathy said...

Hey we knew you would like this launcher we can decorate rockets at our easter activity Sunday and use dads launcher Brad will love it I have some cool stuff to use as rockets any one who wants a plan on how to build one of these we have them