Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 Year Old Brad!


Today my favorite little boy in the world turned six years old.  He already had a great party on Saturday, so today we celebrated with pancakes shaped like a 6 and cupcakes for his school class.  He is such a fun boy and is crazy smart.  He just baffles me with the things he comes up with sometimes.  I did a little interview with him tonight and here are some things you should know about Brad:

Favorite Color – Orange (and yellow and blue)

Favorite Food – Pizza

Favorite Animal – Wolf

Best Friends – Micah, Gid and Corbin

Favorite thing to do – Pretend to be an animal and “Go Wild!”

Favorite thing at school – Reading & writing and helping the other kids (his teacher, Ms. DeJoelie, confirms that he helps the other kids a lot)

What he wants to be when he grows up – a Zoologist and a Helicopter pilot

His favorite singer – Shakira (blame me for that one)

Brad is 46 inches tall and weighs 47 lbs.  He recently lost his two front bottom teeth (the first one came out at school which made him the coolest kid for the day).  He loves school and is doing very well.  It’s no surprise that all the girls adore him.  One girl’s mom told me she talks about him “ALL the time” at home.  It must be the eyelashes.


A bunch of the pictures of his “Mad Science” birthday party are posted here.


Kaycee said...

happy birthday to Brad~ cant believe he is 6

bakers dozen said...

Happy Birthday Brad. Sad to say we missed his birthday 2 years now.
I hope he had a great birthday!