Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Brad!

Today my little Brad turned 5 years old.  I’m still a little bit in shock.  Just 5 short years ago I was holding this tiny, helpless baby:


And now he’s all grown up!!


He chose pancakes for breakfast and I told him I would make them in shapes, thinking he would choose a “B” or a “5” but no, he wanted a bat…it was a bit of a challenge.


He also got a few presents…but I’ll be honest, they were all from the dollar store because we’re paying for a party this weekend.


Brad is such a fun kid.  He has a great sense of humor and usually the only time he gets into trouble is when he forgets he’s a kid and not an adult.  He is an amazing big brother always taking care of Lucy and playing with her.  He is really loving Pre-K and is learning a lot despite the fact that he still says they don’t “teach” things.  Lately we’ve been having a lot of fun playing board games together like Candy Land & Hi Ho Cherry-O.  It’s really fun to play games with him that I loved when I was his age.

I thought for his birthday that I would share a book that Brad wrote in Pre-K last week.  He drew the pictures and dictated it to one of the teachers in his class.  It’s called “Dragons Begin”  Enjoy!!

Brad-Book-1 Brad-Book-2 Brad-Book-3Brad-Book-4  Brad-Book-6


Amy Jo said...

Happy Birthday Brad.. looks like we have a children's storybook author in the making!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Brad!! Way to go on the bat pancake Natalie! I'm impressed!

blueroserider said...

Best book EVER! Better than Skippy John Jones. Well, sorta. Happy, happy birthday. Good job, Nat and Joe!

Kaycee said...

I remember when Brad was like 1 or so and he and Joseph would be so cute in sacrament and hug eachother in the isle. Now he is so big. It went so fast!

Tonya said...

The book is adorable! I hope he had a great birthday and has a wonderful party this weekend!