Sunday, July 18, 2010

Produce Problem Solved!

I don’t like fruit.  It’s mostly a texture thing.  I can tolerate a very crisp apple, but the thought of biting into a peach or a banana makes me gag just a little.  I make myself eat from sometimes anyway – because it’s good for me.  I’m pretty good with vegetables though.  Especially if they’re covered with butter or cheese sauce. ☺

Despite the fact that I’m not big on fruit, my family really likes it – which I’m glad for.  Maybe my kids stand a chance.  Lately I’ve been really disappointed in the produce available at my local supermarket.  They don’t have very many options and what they do have is just old and sad looking.  Luckily Jen, a friend of mine, told me about Bountiful Baskets.  BB is a volunteer Co-Op which specializes in fresh fruit and vegetables.  For $16.50 (including the $1.50) you get a huge basket of produce each week.

How it works: You order online on Monday/Tuesday (depending on your location) and select your pick-up location.  Then on Saturday morning you show up with your basket or box and take home your fruits and veggies!  I’ve been so happy with the quality and while a few of the things we’ve received might not be what I would have picked out on my own (white asparagus anyone?) I kind of like that it pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me learn to cook and eat new things.

I should note that for $16.50 you get a TON of produce.  They say that on average you receive $50 worth of food.  It’s more than my family of four can eat in a week so I’ve been coordinating with my Sister-in-law, Jo-Elle, and splitting it.  It’s nice that way because I only have to get up early to pick up the food every other week.  Bountiful Baskets is available in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, Nevada & Washington so check it out at  Their website is a little confusing so if you have questions let me know!


This is the produce I got this week – remember this is HALF of what came in the basket (Except that there was just 1 pineapple which Jo-Elle was nice enough to give me).  There are bananas back there behind the grapes and that is a mango in front of the squash.  The stalks in the middle are white asparagus.  Any fun ideas about what to do with that?


Katie said...

Thank you for sharing! I think we will give this a try!

Kaycee said...

I have heard good things about that! I need to try it.

Jen said...

We absolutly love it! I'm so glad that you tried it and loved it too!