Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why you should close the lid

I like the lid of the toilet to be closed.

There are many reasons for this.  The main one is that it’s just gross to have to look at the toilet bowl.  Think about what goes in there…eeewww.

Joe thinks it’s a waste of time to close the lid when you’re just going to have to open it back up.  I scold him for leaving it open and he rolls his eyes at me.

This morning while I was still in lying in bed Lucy went into the bathroom where Joe had finished showering and was getting ready for the day.  The next thing I heard was a splash, followed by Lucy crying and Joe laughing.  Lucy had hopped up on the stool we keep in the bathroom and she intended to sit on the toilet and watch her daddy get ready, however Joe had left the lid up and the next thing Lucy knew she was sitting IN the toilet instead of on it.

I’m guessing there are other women out there who have had the unfortunate experience of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and thinking they’re going to sit on the seat only to find that the seat has been left up and they’ve just dipped their bottom in the ice cold water.  It’s happened to me more than once. 

Just me?  Really?   Huh….


blueroserider said...

Oh no. Not just you. That ice cold in the middle of the night. Brrrr. Yep. Hey, living with only girls has advantages! Who knew!

Texas Gal said...

My germ-a-phobe hubby thinks nasty molecules escape if the lid is left up so HE is rolling his eyes at ME! I have learned to put the lid down though so Lizzie's things don't end up wet. Even though I know that water is clean - it weirds me out thinking her toys would go in there... I'd have to throw them away if they landed inside!! haha

kbtibbs said...

I agree. I like it closed. I don't have to worry about Brandon leaving it up. Ever since we have been married he has ALWAYS closed the lid. ha

itsmetibbs said...

I agree!

Amy Jo said...

At my house the toilet lids are down. I, like you, do not like the idea of them up. I also do not want to look down in the toilet bowl. When it is down you also don't have to worry about anything falling in. (I have been clumsy and bumped the flat iron off the counter while it was plugged in). Joe agrees that the toilet seat should be down, so that is one less thing we have to decide on in our house!

Kaycee said...

That is funny! Yes, I like the toilet seat to be closed too.